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At LoKation® we understand the importance of being able to facilitate and expedite transactions smoothly from contract to close. As such, we have our own title service located in-house to ensure oversight, as needed, to assist the agents and customer with each step of the way in processing. The Closing Team is owned and managed by Attorney William Anderson. With a paperless closing software, The Closing Team is readily available to communicate throughout the process of your closing while being GREEN. You can receive a Title Quote Instantly on their website. Click the Link Below to visit their page.

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Residential & Commercial Sales

We work to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers every day. With over $1 Billion in Gross Sales in 2018, we are well experienced to handle any type of transaction on either side of the deal. Our REALTORS are equipped with all of the tools and resources available to ensure they are providing unmatched services to their clients.



Residential & Commercial Leasing

Our company knows the ins and outs of leasing. We have a dedicated rental team whose sole focus is on serving our tenants and landlords. If you are a property owner looking to rent your property you will be happy with our 11 day average of days on market for our rental listings. If you are a renter looking for your next home we have it for you. We enjoy the service of leasing and establish strong relationships between our property owners and tenants.

Residential & Commercial Investments

Our specialized investment team has expertise in various facets of the industry. We have working knowledge and stay current on all real estate trends, finance, tax benefits and corporate structures to help you maximize your potential as a real estate investor.

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